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Selected Homilies from St. Louis de Montfort Parish:









Most Recent Homily:

05/03/15 Deacon Mike Mescall Homily

01/18/15 Deacon Mike Mescall Homily

10/05/14 Deacon Mike Mescall Homily

08/03/14 Fr. Pat Homily

07/13/14 Fr. Pat Homily 

05/04/14 Fr. Pat Homily

04/27/14 Fr. Pat Homily



Guest Homilists

02/10/14 Fr. Dan Mission Night 1click here to download

02/11/14 Fr. Dan Mission Night 2click here to download

02/12/14 Fr. Dan Mission Night 3click here to download



09/08/13 Fr. Gore Homily










Homily Archive:


 01/19/14 Fr. Pat Homily

  • 06/03/12 Fr. John Homily
  • 05/13/12 Fr. Pat Homily
  • 03/04/12 Fr. John Homily 
  • Easter 2012 Fr. Pat Homily





Homily Archive is listed in Chronological Order starting with the most recent Homily: