Coffee and Donuts
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coffee_donutsWhat is the coffee and donuts ministry about?

It's about helping to build and strengthen the bond within the SLdM family. It's about family and friends and fellowship.

It's about hugs and handshakes. It's about people genuinely happy to see one another.

It's about slowing down for a few minutes and catching your breath with someone who appreciates the same thing. It's about meeting new people and making new friends.

It's about the joy on the face of a two year old when she gets to make her own choice, or the determination of a three year old when he carries his half full cup of juice to the table to show everybody he's a big boy now.

So come by and join us Sunday mornings after the 7:30 am and 9:00 am masses.

If your ministry would like to co-sponsor a particular morning, or if you would like to join the ministry, give us a call. It's a ministry the entire family can join.  Ministry volunteers pick up donuts and drinks early on Sunday morning, serve the refreshments after the masses, and then clean up afterwards. Time commitment is approximately 4 hours (7:00 am. to 11:00 a.m.) on an assigned Sunday.

For more information, contact :Lance Jennings 585-9321