Mass Coordinators
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All Confirmed Roman Catholics are eligible. Time commitment is 1-2 hours weekly. Each Mass has a specific Mass Coordinator that works in conjunction with the Liturgy Coordinator. Ongoing communication pertaining to all liturgical celebrations comes from the Liturgy Coordinator via the Priests. Mass Coordinators ensure that the Liturgical Ministers are in place at the start of the Mass. Mass Coordinators are responsible for quarterly training of Ushers, Lectors, and Eucharistic Ministers. The monthly schedule of Liturgical Ministers is posted on the website.

Assistant Mass Coordinators back up the Mass Coordinator, as needed. Assistants Mass Coordinators are trained to set up the hosts and wine on the credence table prior to the start of Mass and they are able to act as Mass Coordinator when called upon (i.e.: Emergency, Holy Week, Easter and Christmas Mass in the gymnasium, etc.).

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