Photo Credit: Lou Geiger
Photo Credit: Lou Geiger

Photo Credit: Lou Geiger

Love God. Make Disciples. Serve Christ in the World.

St. Louis de Montfort will be a dynamic witness of the Gospel and lead others to embrace the love of God.

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Love God, Make Disciples, and Serve Christ in the World.

Thank you for your interest in St. Louis de Montfort Catholic community.  We are a stewardship parish committed to a covenant to deepen and affirm our faith and grow in our life in Christ.  We invite you to serve, witness, and pray with us. We welcome you as a unique child of God to enrich our community by your presence.

In Christ,

Fr. Pat

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The Jubilee Year of Mercy

December 8, 2015
November 20, 2016

Pope Francis shared in the first words of his Papal Bull that we all need to contemplate regularly on this mystery of mercy.

Please click here to access various resources that will enrich your journey through this Year of Mercy.

St. Louis de Montfort Parish Mission is an opportunity for people to ignite their faith and to be lifted up and energized through the love of God!

If you were unable to attend, here is an opportunity to listen to each of the three nights of the Parish Mission: