Photo Credit: Lou Geiger
Photo Credit: Lou Geiger

Photo Credit: Lou Geiger

Love God. Make Disciples. Serve Christ in the World.

St. Louis de Montfort will be a dynamic witness of the Gospel and lead others to embrace the love of God.

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St. Louis de Montfort Fruitful Harvest 20 Month Campaign

We asked all parishioners to consider a financial commitment in support of the Roman Catholic Church’s mission starting this week.  Many parishioners have made a pledge. If you are one of those families, thank you!  You can make an online donation by visiting www.dol-in.org and clicking on Fruitful Harvest. Or you can place a donation in the offertory basket this weekend. Please help us reach our goal.  No dollar amount is too small; our goal is to show unity with the greater Church community by having all parishioners participate. A group of volunteer parishioners will start contacting those we have not heard back from in a few weeks.

Love God, Make Disciples, and Serve Christ in the World.

Thank you for your interest in St. Louis de Montfort Catholic community.  We are a stewardship parish committed to a covenant to deepen and affirm our faith and grow in our life in Christ.  We invite you to serve, witness, and pray with us. We welcome you as a unique child of God to enrich our community by your presence.

In Christ,

Fr. Pat

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