The Visual Art program at SLDM reflects the Indiana Visual Art standards with a strong emphasis on exploration, creativity and production of Art using many diverse media.

The Art program focuses on visual communication and production, cultural and historical context of art, personal preference, and the aesthetics of artwork.


In the younger grades of Pre-K – 4th grade Art is once per week from a 30 min. or 45 min. block of time. (The block increases with grade level.)  In grades five through eight, art is a complete term—meeting five days a week for a 45 min. block of time.

Art class starts with a warm up activity of drawing, research or discussion of the topic.  The topic is presented and notes are taken if needed.  The students are free to choose or create their own interpretation of the topic using various media presented or chosen.  Art is assessed through a Rubric system focusing the objectives of the project, production, class participation and personal reflection.

Pre-K Curriculum

  • Fingerpainting
  • Clay creatures
  • Tissue art
  • Letter decoration
  • Holiday crafts

​Kindergarten Curriculum

  • Literature themed art
  • Clay monsters
  • Torn paper owls
  • Eric Carle collage

First Grade Curriculum

  • Miro  Monsters
  • Japanese Fish Kites
  • Modern Art Shapes
  • Texture Monsters
  • Clownface Batik

Second Grade Curriculum

  • Keith Haring Silhouette
  • Cartoon Selfie
  • Ceramic Cross
  • Matisse Mobile
  • Britto Oil and Watercolor

Third Grade Curriculum

  • Mondrian Abstract
  • Self-Portrait
  • Matisse Collage
  • Kandinsky Rainbow Order
  • Clay Butterfly
  • Fish  Sculpture

Fourth Grade Curriculum

  • Keith Haring Posters
  • Peter Max Lady Liberty
  • Batik Pillows
  • Wire Sculptures
  • Clay Dragons
  • Tissue paper Impressionist

Students choose, display and write a reflection of their works of art at our fine arts night in the spring.  Works of student and class produced in Art are auctioned off at our annual parish fund raiser in February.

Cross – Curricular Activities

In our introduction to an art project we discuss the Historical, Geographical, religious influences that impacted that Artist or Artwork.  We use Problem solving to figure out how a project comes together and we write a reflection on several of our pieces of Art throughout the year.

Fifth Grade Curriculum:                                      

  • Learning & sharing artistic skills
  • Group sculpture
  • Painting, drawing, mosaics
  • Ceramics (pinch pots/slab building)
  • Art history including artists Andy Warhol, Jackson Pollock, Wassily Kandinsky, Gustav Klimt and more
  • Beginner critiques

Sixth Grade Curriculum:                                      

  • Elements of Art
  • Painting, drawing, oil pastel and sculpture
  • Art History unit covering seven new artists
  • Ceramics (coil building)
  • Pablo Picasso unit

Seventh Grade Curriculum:                                      

  • Color Wheel/Color Mixing(primaries, secondaries and tertiaries)
  • Canvas painting, drawing
  • Animal hand painting/photography
  • Ceramics (hand building/carving)
  • Individual Sculpture & Critique
  • Art history including artists Roy Lichtenstein, Arcimboldo, Michelangelo and more

Eighth Grade Curriculum:                                      

  • Learning & sharing artistic skills
  • Scrapbooks
  • Painting, drawing
  • Art History unit covering seven new artists
  • Experimental watercolor
  • Ceramics (bowls on the wheel & hand building)
  • Photography (letter art)