Buildings and Grounds

Building and Grounds


The Building and Grounds Committee advises on matters related to the campus buildings and grounds.

  • They work on projects such as plans for renovation and expansion.
  • They advise on electrical and mechanical needs for the parish.
  • They help forecast maintenance and improvement needs.

For more information, please contact Bruce Franklin at bfranklin@meyer-najem.com or the parish office at 842-6778.

Stewardship Committee

Stewardship Committee


The four pillars of stewardship are Hospitality, Prayer , Formation, and Service. Our stewardship derives from these four pillars:

  • Hospitality: We are all one body of Christ, and as a community, we work to serve Him. Greet your neighbor at all Masses and parish functions.
  • Prayer: Spending time with God brings us life--not just the one hour a week at Mass, but also time spent in individual daily prayer, serving others, reading the Bible, and working to expand our spiritual consciousness as we continue on our personal journey. We encourage everyone to make prayer a priority in your life.
  • Formation: The more we learn about our faith and our spiritual life, the less of a mystery it all seems. If discipleship is your goal, you must commit to understand and follow Jesus’ teachings.
  • Service: You’ll hear Fr. Pat say many times, “we celebrate the Eucharist here, but we live it outside of the church.” Everyone is blessed with talents they can share. Time spent helping others, with Jesus as our model, helps deepen our faith.

Being a stewardship parish means we all share our three “T’s” time, talent and treasure. God gave us many gifts and we in turn need to return a portion of these gifts to Him in gratitude for His blessings to us.

  • Time: spend the gift of time He gave us wisely with, family, worship, ministering to others and friends.
  • Talent: each of us was given a unique set of gifts to help do God’s work. Are we using our gifts to develop and build the Kingdom of God?
  • Treasure: our God-given gifts of vocation will help us provide for our families. These are gifts from God and in return we need to give back a portion to Him, to be shared with others who maybe less fourtunate. As a stewardship parish, we give 10% of our weekly collection to causes/people in need. We hope your family will join us in this gospel tradition of tithing, and make your offering gift from the first fruits. A sacrificial gift does not come from what we might have left over.

The Stewardship Committee's focus is on creating an environment at St. Louis de Montfort that's committed to a lifestyle of hospitality, prayer, formation, service and sharing of our God given gifts.

Committee members work closely with the pastor to guide the parish in its spiritual growth and understanding of stewardship as a way of life. The Stewardship Committee meets monthly.

We are in need of a few new members, with the study/learning part of our ministry starting early in the year 2015. If you are interested in joining the Stewardship Committee, please contact Scott Bernhardt at (317)842-6778 X294 or sbernhardt@sldmfishers.org