What Is CRHP?


Christ Renews His Parish is a weekend experience of evangelization and spiritual growth.

Participants gather Saturday morning through Sunday afternoon to experience the Holy Spirit working among them to build a closer relationship with Christ and through Him, with one another.


The 2018 Christ Renews His Parish weekends are:

January 20-21 for Women

January 27-28 for Men 

Each weekend combines elements of witnessing, liturgy, prayer, scripture, song and community to make this a remarkably powerful experience.


The retreat weekend begins early Saturday morning and concludes Sunday afternoon.  

There is no cost to attend this weekend and all meals are provided.


For information about the men's weekend, please contact Pat Morrissey prmorrissey@me.com


Frequently asked questions:


What does CRHP stand for?

CRHP is an acronym for Christ Renews His Parish.


Are there restrictions on who can participate? 

You must be at least 18 years old. Non-Catholics are welcome.


Who conducts the weekend?

The events of the weekend are put on by members of the CRHP team who were participants in the previous CRHP weekend


Where is it held?

The CRHP weekend is held in the Youth Ministry Center on the SLDM campus. With the exception of attending Mass in the Church on Sunday morning, the entire weekend, including eating and sleeping, is spent in this building.


Where do I sleep?

Several rooms of the Center are set aside for sleeping.


What about food?

All meals and beverages are free.  Participants may be asked to donate snacks.


What happens during the weekend?

The Holy Spirit does an amazing amount of work throughout the weekend. You will likely experience significant spiritual growth throughout the weekend and you will also sense, if not see, others growing as well. The team conducting the weekend gives personal witnesses on the key themes of Christian discipleship that then serve as a focal point for small group discussions throughout the weekend. In addition, there is time devoted to scripture, song, prayer, reconciliation and the Eucharist.


Do I have to speak alone in front of the group?

The only people who speak alone in front of the group are members of the team conducting the weekend. Participants are asked to be engaged in small group discussions that are moderated by table leaders from the conducting team.


Who should attend the weekend?

The weekend is beneficial for anyone who is sensing a call to get closer to God.

Those who have never experienced a CRHP weekend.

Those who have been through CRHP previously and want to refresh their faith.

Those who are not currently very involved in their faith or are not practicing it all.

Non-Catholics, especially spouses of Catholics or those considering joining the Church.

Those who have recently moved to the parish.

Those who have children starting school.

Those who are not very involved in the parish.

Those who wish to know more parishioners.

Those who want to become a better disciple of Christ.


Is there an ongoing commitment?

The short answer is “No,” but there is an opportunity to continue for those who want to do so, but there is no pressure exerted to continue.  The week following the CRHP weekend, the participants and the giving team gather together for an Evening of Discipleship.  This is an evening of prayer, sharing and an explanation of the Formation Process.