The basic music skills introduced in each grade level are:

  • Kindergarten: steady beat, high and low sounds, echo singing, four beat rhythmic patterns, exploring unpitched percussion sounds, phrases and ta tadi
  • First: singing alone and with others, steady beat while singing, improvising melodies, four beat rhythmic patterns and form
  • Second: introduction to orchestral instruments through sound/ sight (Peter and the Wolf), singing in different languages, longer improvisation and sol- mi- la
  • Third: instrument families, field trip to listen to Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra, music staff names, drum technique, new pitches through solfege and song and composer history
  • Fourth: recorders, reading note names and rhythms, sight reading with solfege and takadimi, breath control, exploring harmony through rounds and partner songs and alternating mallets
  • Fifth: composing song with all elements of music, ostinato, exploring time signatures, describing form and timbre, analyzing music and question & answer- 8 beats
  • Sixth: changing voice, singing in rounds with accompaniment, four pt drumming, improvising 16 beats, rhythmic notating and sight singing do re mi fa so
  • Seventh: three mallets on barred instruments, 12 bar blues, I IV V progression, analyzing music and leger lines
  • Eighth: singing and dancing to different cultural music, scat syllables and improvised blues melody, listening to music of historical events, expanding music theory knowledge and comparing musical styles of different cultures