Physical Education

PreK through 2nd grade are introduced to activities that help students learn listening skills, spatial awareness, boundaries and team building.  Students also are introduced to the rules of various games.  In 2nd grade, sudents learn the rules of kickball which prepares them well for team sports to be introduced in 3rd grade. Also, in 3rd grade students are introduced to orienteering where they learn the basics of a map, its design and how to follow a map to a hidden treasure.

Beginning in 3rd grade, students are introduced to the basics of each team sport and each year students continue to build upon those skills. The curriculum is divided into units all of which follow Indiana State Standards. Some units covered include soccer, basketball, volleyball, kickball, team building and fitness for 3rd and 4th grades; handball, badminton and ultimate frisbee are added units for 5th through 8th grades.  Each unit includes an introduction, lead-up games, practice games and round robin tournaments.