Bylaws & Minutes


Meeting Notes 2016-17

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School Advisory Council

The School Advisory Council (SAC) serves the SLDM parish, students and parents in an advisement and support capacity. 


Ex Officio Members:

  • Father Pat Click, Pastor
  • Scott Stewart, Principal
  • Trish Bentivoglio, Assistant Principal
  • Maggie Fox, Director of Development and Marketing

SAC Frequently Asked Questions

What is the scope of responsibility for SAC members?

To advise on the following for the school: budget, policy, strategic planning (3-5 years) and public relations/marketing.

How often does SAC meet?

Approximately one evening per month (SAC members only unless otherwise specified).

How are SAC meetings structured?

  • Prior to each meeting, an agenda and reports from the school administration / parish are sent to SAC members to review.
  • Each meeting begins with prayer.
  • Agenda items are reviewed in order.
  • All council members are encouraged to participate in conversation and provide input.
  • Meeting minutes are documented.
  • Meeting concludes with an overview of next steps and a closing prayer.

How are SAC communications shared?

Meeting minutes are posted on the school website; Parents will be informed that the minutes are available for review via the weekly school emails sent by school. In addition, each grade has a SAC representative. Each representative will send out a summary update to the parents of their grade after the meeting minutes have been approved (within 2 weeks of the meeting).

How should I utilize my SAC representatives(s)?

You are always welcome to contact any member of SAC with a question or concern. Please be advised that based on the defined scope of responsibility for SAC, your representative may need to point you in the direction of the correct resource based on the nature of your question/concern. Most questions or concerns typically should be directed to the teacher/School Administration (Principal / Assistant Principal) prior to speaking with a member of the SAC.