In technology class students work on keyboarding goals and basic computer skills.

The keyboarding goals for each grade level are:

  • 2nd grade—introduction
  • 3rd grade—15 words per minute (wpm)
  • 4th grade—25 wpm
  • 5th grade—30 wpm
  • 6th grade—35 wpm
  • 7th & 8th grades—35+ wpm

The basic skills students learn in technology are:

  • Logging in using school account
  • Logging in using personal account
  • Logging into web-based tool accounts
  • Finding keys on the keyboard to type their name and sentences
  • Saving a file
  • Opening a file
  • Locating a file and navigating file paths independently
  • Organizing files
  • Navigating a browser
  • Becoming familiar with basic menus within applications
  • Using a drawing program independently
  • Inserting photos and clipart in a project
  • Downloading/uploading photos
  • Composing and formatting longer stories using Word Processing software
  • Creating basic presentations using tools like PowerPoint
  • Knowing basic technology vocabulary
  • Gaining a basic understanding of copyright